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PERINI 125 ft – P2

TECNO has developed, for Perini Navi, a lifting keel system to be installed on a 125′ yacht. The tool, ABS certified, hydraulic actuated, allows the keel to be lifted from 5.5 mt to 3.5 mt, giving to the ship a reduced draft configuration useful in case of shallow waters and harbor entrances.

Lunghezza f.t./LOA 38,15 m
Lunghezza/Beam max 8,36 m
Pescaggio/Draft 5,5 / 3,5 m
Dislocam./ Displacement 135 tons
Superficie velica/ Sail surface 740 m
Serb. combustibile/
Fuel capacity 7.000 |
Posti letto ospiti/
Guest berths 8

Equipaggio/Crew 6
Progetto/Naval Arch.
Philippe Briand Yacht Design
Interior design Perini Navi
Exterior Design Philippe Briand
Yacht Design
Cantiere/Shipyard Perini Navi
Keel Project: TECNO Srl


TECNO designed, in collaboration with “VISMARA YACHT DESIGN”, a telescopic keel system in order to install it on 62’ pleasure boat. The system with an hydraulic driving allows to lift keel and in this way boat has a reduced draught configuration.

Retractable keel: central boat area is characterized by a new “telescopic” keel that allows draught reduction from 3.6 mt to 2.2 mt taking up only 80 cm in boat internal part. The external metallic empty part containing the “telescopic” keel is integrated with engine hollow and it is positioned in the centre of boat in this way it is placed in a silent position far from cabins and it offers best weight concentration. This keel/engine module has been architecturally transformed in a table sitting-room/central console kitchen.

Project: Vismara Yacht Design
Keel design: TECNO Srl
Shipyard: Marine Services
Loa = 18.60 mt
Bmax = 4.82 mt
Draught = 2.40 – 3.60 mt
Ballast = 7000 Kg
Displ. = 16.000Kg
Sailsurface (R+G) = 187.5 mq